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・・・ live camera ... ・・Now ... of ・ Shinshu
Hakuba LIVE Hakuba mountain range and slope
-- - Sightseeing in Hakuba station - - -
Every quarter ridge -LIVE
Every quarter ridge Tourism Association
Hakuba mountain range - panorama  Hi-vision size Azumino live Swan others of Takarada
The Northern Alps
   Panoramic live
Northern Alps Mountains
----Omachi-shi offer---
Live camera of mountain Shinshu, the whole area
▲Otari-mura LIVE Tsugaike nature garden, skiing area Alps panorama Ogawa-mura
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Whole report
・Flower circulation, natural experience, mountain climbing information ・・
・Outdoor ski backcountry
・Music, art craft event information
▲Northern Alps copying play club
Information site of scenery photograph fan
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The latest blog
  White horse is ・・ now
・It depends on the staff of Hakuba Highland Hotel
・・It is information in anything at ・ Hakuba and the outskirts.
Hakuba Highland Hotel
Snow navigator ・Mountain climbing, trekking report Coupon of gondola and hot spring is ・・, too
Shooting information foot of Hakuba PHOTO information
We read latest - photography information - flower
As for scarlet maple leaves front - snow information, it is
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Nature Guide
 New message
  Special information that local master sends
 Trekking, mountains information
 Flower circulation - flowering information
 Nature photography information
Under recruitment of discerning accommodation guide *
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Accommodation guidance around recommended accommodation link white horse
Sports guide
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 GREEN-- outdoor sports
 *Paraglider canoe rafting MTB
WINTER-- winter sports
   *Ski snowboarding slope information
Event guide

Hakuba       Event information of area
Event information of Kotani, Tsugaike area
▲  Hakuba information la pullers - synthesis 
For details, of nature, sports, culture
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Culture guide
 New message - event guidance
 entatemento, music, drama, stage
 Art gallery handcraft experience
 The history, cultural assets of Hakuba
Taste, shopping guide
Advantageous information from discerning shop
    *Seasonal taste of Shinshu
    *World recommended gourmet
    *Blue-ribbon souvenir of Hakuba
Hot spring & tour guide
We show around hot spring and tourist attraction that the foot of Hakuba is dotted with!
The summer in main! In, winter season, please in after-ski!
▲ Visiting spas
▲ Tourist attraction
▲ Art museum  Circulation
La pullers Hakuba information Hakuba, Kotani
We show around important hometown of treasure house of nature - - us
▲As for - Archive convenient as for the la pullers WEB version

foot of M A P Hakuba guide MAP 

▲ Map - Hiroshi-MER of Shinshu walk trip
     Illustration map of Hiroshi Matsunaga
▲ Around Hakuba-mura MAP is here!
   ▲ Mapion (map search site)

Photograph information & gallery guide

▲foot of Hakuba story : T.Kasiwabara
▲foot of Northern Alps photo studio : K.Izumi
▲Azumino communication 
: T.Masumura
▲PhotoGallery in Shinshu
: K.Miyata

New ■* foot of gallery Hakuba story ■*  T-Kashiwabara
foot of photograph gallery, Hakuba story

・・ which has wall paper size
Shooting tour guide ◆Photo BBS
Notice  ---------------gambarou HAKUBA! -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 ■It is network of - latest information to send to in friends of the foot of Shinshu, Hakuba.
  It is recruiting friends of hobby - - reporting having specialized page around Hakuba.
But on information page necessary direct; is linked
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For photography, picture sketching ski, natural sight-seeing!
The best scenery shooting point information is abundant!
Accommodation where shooting guide is advantageous with slope convenience close at hand!
The foot of gallery ▲ Hakuba story - sponsorship

■■Hakuba Highland Hotel■■ It is ... to all people loving mountain and nature
Good hotel of the prospects
■It is full of highlight information of the foot of Hakuba
Information site of foot of Northern Alps - scenery photograph fan
Through photograph, we valued contact with nature
We aim at the making of friend.

We perform shooting tour of the four seasons.
I am guide shiteimasuyo
T.kashiwabara, too
We take beautiful nature of the foot of picturesque ground, Shinshu Northern Alps and stop. Offer of desktop wall paper full of natural taste is popular! K.izumi
If is the foot of Hakuba, than anywhere else more detailed local accommodation bureau! Please consult about plan of trip to Shinshu
 Snow navigator Portal site * Snow navigator of the foot of Hakuba
* Virginity of the foot of Hakuba is helpful, and "trekking reports" are full of information the latest "slope report"!
*Lift gondola discount coupon is advantageous!
Portal site, Hakuba street of the foot of Hakuba
 We play information site - and eat and stay and live and buy, and introduction particularly MAP is convenient with no genre
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Okita net
Information page - area information event information of building culture
DAIHOKU NET Nagano authorized architect society Okita Branch

GPV weather cast --Weather-GPV ▼ link

[we choose the choice ** precipitation, degree of cloudiness ** temperature, humidity * atmospheric pressure, wind velocity in area]
  • By 5km mesh details forecast prediction every one hour to 33 hours ahead,
  • We predict by 20km mesh wide area forecast to point on 8th (192 hours).
  • We illustrate Meteorological Agency numerical weather prediction.
  • Detailed forecast four times a day (3:10,9:10,15:10,21:10),
  • Wide area forecast is updated once a day (5:40).
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